And The Award Goes To …

In every field, there are those who participate and there are those who win. More often than not, winners can be seen doing things differently. They will be more consistent, more knowledgeable and even more passionate about they do. Today I would like to salute one of those I encountered through my blog.

And the Best Spammer Award goes to the LISTA sisters – Lista De Email & Lista De Emails.

The LISTA sisters have been regulars at BBT and I would like to appreciate their association with me. The LISTA sisters started with BBT on 13th of December 2012 and their contribution to BBT within this short duration is commendable.


To honour our collaboration, I would like to highlight some of the works of the LISTAs on BBT and our reactions through this POST OF FAME.

13-Dec: Your website is very reliable, that’s why i always come here when i have some doubts

Is it? Great! I can arrange for some doubt clearing sessions for your convenience. Just let me know

21-Dec: really impressed! everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. it
contains truly information. your website is very useful. thanks for sharing.
looking forward to more

Gee, thanks. You are too kind. Please keep coming back. Who else am I writing this ‘truly information’ for?

15-Dec: my very own first subject of thought by the way is temporary car cover but it surprises me how so many almost invariably intelligent car drivers don’t realise that thoughtless driving is a destroyer of careers

What are you talking about? Temporary is never good. I think permanent car covers
are the answer to the thoughtless driving that is the destroyer of careers. Trust
me on this.

20-Dec: what do you think of talking about something more interesting

Not at all! In fact I was planning to name my blog “Beyond Interesting Tips”.

21- Dec: simple and best post

Definitely. Seems like someone came to their senses. I believe in “Simple Posts High Traffic”

20-Dec: really nice article, thanks them for good post

Why thank them? Thank me for the really nice article. Or maybe for your sake I can
share the credit with them.

19-Dec: hi…such a nice link!

Thanks. Actually I’m not surprised that you liked the link. Everyone seems to like THE DAILY POST.

20-Dec: you continually amazing me with amount of content you turn out without sacrificing quality

Sacrifice is overrated. So I figured I would maintain my standards. We at BBT strive for
quality and excellence. You seem to be the only one noticing.

21-Dec: i like your information. i am always looking for this type of interesting and good information

Good. So now you know where to find it.

Thank you LISTA sisters for supporting me! As you can see I appreciate it a lot. Your award is on its way to you.


About RituKT

Hi! I am Ritu KT, Creator of Shopping Escapades - Makeup and Beauty Blog India. I love learning new things. There's always something cooking in my head! I enjoying getting dolled up even if there is nowhere to go. Reading is my passion. I am on a journey to discover myself!
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