Is This Happening To Anyone Else?

When I started my blog, the comment rate was very low. But interacting with reader, fellow bloggers made me really happy. Within 15 days of the start of blog, I started receiving SPAM. And it was not annoying as much basically because I was under the impression that SPAMMERS targeted successful sites and the comment did not really make any sense; there were times when it was downright flattering. I was sort of proud of receiving SPAM. I thought if Spammers think my site is good enough to try to steal my little share of web traffic then I must be doing something right. I know this sounds silly but that’s just what I believed.

Fast forward to February and I started enjoying reading my SPAM queue. I even posted a couple of posts replying to them(Read here and here). It was fun. I started looking at the search terms as well and it was all good until the end of last week.

In the past 2 days (from 15th March), I have received more than 45 SPAM comments and 20 out of those are related to Viagra. There a lot of SPAMs where the whole comments is made up of the 26 English alphabets in random form. I mean I used to delete it all in one go but now that I started reading them before deleting, I get so angry at those SPAMMERS. All of the Viagra comments are related to the ‘free viagra online’, ‘pen** enlargement’, ‘Viagra in a particular country’, ‘how does Viagra work’ etc etc. I am going to stop reading my SPAM for sometime now and ignore it. It is not fun anymore.

Has anyone else started receiving a crazy amount of SPAM lately? I am so glad we have Akismet to block all this. It would be so cumbersome if I had to deal with it with SPAM detectors.

Some recent ones (excluding viagra):

  • Buy Vitamin pill
  • Buy YouTube Views. 10000 views in 5 days
  • I conceive this website has got some real excellent info for everyone :D . “America is not merely a nation but a nation of nations.” by Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • Gum Disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis RA and Lupus SLE.  If the stochastic oscillator using Excel, you will probably suffer because of  the trader 247 card games like that? Marketing has changed greatly since the financial service industry or any other eye serving as a reference point for your novels.
  • My father left me $100,000,000. Please send me your account details and get this transferred to your account and act as my guardian till I am 18. I am too young to handle this.

I mean WTF? These are so ridiculous how do SPAMMERS think that someone will fall for these? Will someone out there really fall for these?
What are your thoughts about this? Do you pay attention to SPAM? Does it annoy you?

Thank you reading. Have a nice day!


About RituKT

Hi! I am Ritu KT, Creator of Shopping Escapades - Makeup and Beauty Blog India. I love learning new things. There's always something cooking in my head! I enjoying getting dolled up even if there is nowhere to go. Reading is my passion. I am on a journey to discover myself!
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3 Responses to Is This Happening To Anyone Else?

  1. Abhishek says:

    I don’t know whether I get it or not but I really enjoy it on your post.

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