The Time Has Come…

After a few days of ‘running’ back and forth between my new website ( and this blog (, I have finally gathered the courage to start deleting data from ‘Beyond Beauty Tips’.

Everything has moved to ‘Things To Rave About’ smoothly (for the most part) and now it is time to say goodbye to BBT. I wanted to leave it as it was but the problem of dealing with duplicate content etc etc has made me think about closing the door here. I will leave a few posts here that I did not deem fit on my new website before closing this down. Please visit my new website and SUBSCRIBE/LIKE/COMMENT there, it is a little lonely there right now.

Other ways to connect with me:

Facebook: ‘Things To Rave About‘ FB Page

I hope to connect with you again soon. Thanks for supporting me in my journey.


About RituKT

Hi! I am Ritu KT, Creator of Shopping Escapades - Makeup and Beauty Blog India. I love learning new things. There's always something cooking in my head! I enjoying getting dolled up even if there is nowhere to go. Reading is my passion. I am on a journey to discover myself!
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