A Year Later….

I have been blogging for a year now and it feels so surreal and yet I cannot imagine life without blogging now. The challenges are still plenty and yet I have stuck with it and I plan to do it in the future too. I signed up with WordPress on 20th November 2012 and started posting from 1st December. I got plenty of support in the first week, enough for me to overcome my fear of blogging and the online world.

I shifted my blog to a new address in the beginning of May 2013 to http://toraveabout.com and this place has been empty ever since. I also started a beauty blog Shopping Escapades – A Makeup and Beauty Blog around the same time. I have spent countless hours on both of my blogs. Despite the challenges I have faced, I plan to keep going on. Happy one year anniverary to Beyond Beauty Tips (this blog), the place where it all started!

About RituKT

Creator of blogs "Things To Rave About" and "Shopping Escapades. I consider myself a - Blogger, Writer, Shopaholic, Makeup Junkie, Voracious Reader, Quick Learner!
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4 Responses to A Year Later….

  1. Abhishek says:

    It has been quite long though!

  2. Joy Ecrinal says:

    You’ve been blogging for a while now =). Blogging at first can be quiet scarey – at least it was for me.

  3. RituKT says:

    :) it is scary and exciting at the same time. it’s just like a roller coaster

  4. RituKT says:

    Yes, thanks you :)

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