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Hi! I am Ritu KT, Creator of Shopping Escapades - Makeup and Beauty Blog India. I love learning new things. There's always something cooking in my head! I enjoying getting dolled up even if there is nowhere to go. Reading is my passion. I am on a journey to discover myself!

Re-inventing the Wheel – When buying a new domain is not the best idea

I have made many mistakes in my life but by far the one I regret the most, at this moment, is not buying the domain of my initial blog name. It has taken a lot of work, sleepless nights to … Continue reading

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The Time Has Come…

After a few days of ‘running’ back and forth between my new website ( and this blog (, I have finally gathered the courage to start deleting data from ‘Beyond Beauty Tips’. Everything has moved to ‘Things To Rave About’ … Continue reading

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I Don’t Live Here Anymore – Come to TRA

I have been a little off course with my blogging here and the reason behind that was a soft tissue injury to my right hand/wrist. While I was resting, I got to thinking about starting my own website. I already … Continue reading

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Another Dose of SPAM fun

It’s been a while since I shared some wonderful comments I’ve received on my blog. Today I present five of the total SPAMs in my queue. I hope you have fun! *** Mattie: I rarely drop comments, but i did a few searching and … Continue reading

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Repressed Grammar: The Eight Parts of Speech

Originally posted on Apoplectic Apostrophes:
Quick, can you name all eight? No need to self-flagellate if you can’t – unless, of course, that’s your thing. Even I struggle to list all eight when I throw myself a pop quiz while…

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